Christmas in Lanzarote 2019

Sun was what we asked for and sun was what we got! – well in the morning anyway…

The plan had originally been for anchoring off Papagayo Beach, lots of swimming, use of the SUP and then ashore for a BBQ/Solar Oven feast, backed up with plenty of beer and the odd bottle of bubbly. There was 5 of us onboard – two sons plus one wife, as well as Nick and myself, but the wind (E force 4) soon put paid to that idea before we even left the marina –  so Plan B – take the hire car over to the beach and do it all from the shore instead – was put into action.

We are newbies to Lanzarote but I expect plenty of you have visited or know of the Island, so when I say “the roads of Lanzarote leave a lot to be desired”, I’m assuming you will know what I am talking about. As we left the relatively smooth tarmac road and hit (literally) the 4km pot-holed track to the beach, Nick and I begun to wonder whether we should have checked the small print on the hire car lease. On La Graciosa 2 weeks ago, we had been banned from taking the bikes we’d hired off-road, so what offence we were now committing with the hire car we dreaded to think.

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